Hair loss

Hair Loss – Its Causes And Treatment in Reservoir

The problem of hair loss is very common, and both the genders suffer from this problem. Hair loss is the state in which hair starts becoming thin and eventually fall. Also in this state, not much hair grows on the head, and it leads to a situation of baldness. The problem of hair loss is common to both men and women, but the pattern of hair loss is not same.

It varies from one gender to other, and here we will be telling you about few of the patterns. The male pattern is known as androgenic alopecia, and the female pattern of hair loss is known as androgenetic alopecia. Also, there are few other patterns like alopecia areata in which only a few hairs are lost from head, alopecia totalis in which all head hair is lost and the last one is alopecia universalis in which hair is lost not only from the head but the body as well.

To find a solution to any problem one should first find its cause so that the most effective treatment can be suggested. So before we move on to discuss hair loss treatment, let us first talk about causes of hair loss. The causes are as follows: If you have gone through surgery or some prolonged illness in recent past, then you will find hair loss in excessive amount. This is because of the stress and is temporary. Hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes of hair loss in both men and women. You can get rid of this problem by taking treatment for stopping hormonal imbalance.

Some medicines like medicines which are used to treat diseases like gout, high blood pressure and heart problems. Some infections like fungal infections of the scalp can cause hair loss. Some underlying diseases like diabetes can cause hair loss, and, in such situations, it indicates the presence of that disease. There are some types of hair styles which also cause hair loss. If you are also suffering from any of these problems, then do not worry.

There is hair loss treatment for the causes described above, and we will be describing them one by one here. First of all, consult a doctor who is specialized in this area. He will analyze the cause of hair loss and then will suggest a treatment to deal with it. If the cause for hair loss is some particular medicine, then you can avoid it and get some substitute for it. If that is not the cause, then you would be advised to use some product that inhibits hair fall. One such product which is quite good as a hair loss treatment is procerin. This product is quite beneficial because it provides the solution to hair fall basically in two ways. One form of the solution is a capsule which you can take orally, and another way is to treat through procerin serum which you can apply to the scalp.